Eminence Capital Management is a boutique Australian based Investment Manager, specialising in the active management of Australian and International equities.

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Our Firm


Eminence Capital Management is an investment management firm, professionally managing investment portfolios on behalf of its institutional clients, family offices and high net worth individuals.

The firm is built on certain fundamental principles that we believe differentiate our competitive strengths. We view these three elements governing our business are important in our ability to create long-term value for our investors.

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    Consistent, Positive, Absolute Returns

    We focus on generating and achieving superior risk-adjusted absolute returns throughout all types of market cycles and environments, with lower volatility compared to the broader market.

    Our style is neutral, offering diversification from conventional style factors like value or growth. We are not artificially constrained by any benchmarks or under any compulsion to be fully invested in the market at all times.

    Through active management, we seek to generate high quality alpha without relying on asset concentration or market direction.

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    Disciplined Risk Management

    The management of risk is an integral part of all our activities – for both investment and non-investment. With a high priority placed on capital preservation, our premise is that risk is first and foremost quantified and controlled before investment decisions are undertaken. These measures coupled with efficient capital allocation, limit downside portfolio risk and improve the consistency of returns and performance.

    We do not rely on extensive leverage to generate investment returns. The amount of leverage employed is limited on a portfolio-wide basis.

    Our best in class specialist partners provide middle and back office infrastructure, mitigating counterparty risks, allowing us to focus on the pursuit of maximising performance.

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    Transparency and Control

    Our investors are provided with qualitative information about our investment processes, operational procedures, portfolio exposures and manager accessibility at all times.

    The professionally managed individual accounts provide our investors with direct beneficial ownership of their portfolios, while avoiding the tax distortions that come with pooled investment vehicles.

    The high levels of transparency immediately detect unacceptable deviations from the investment mandate and provide the account holder the ability to maintain full administrative control of their account.

  • Eminence Capital Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eminence Global Asset Management operating under Australian Financial Services Licence number 305573 and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Investment Approach

Quantitative Investing

Eminence Capital Management believes that markets are highly complex adaptive systems comprised of interconnected relationships.

We utilise quantitative strategies and apply a rigorous systematic approach to investing. Our proprietary strategies analyse a wide range of global economic, political, and sentiment drivers, and capture patterns in market behaviour, identifying shifts in price patterns and style trends.

We blend short and long term trades, incorporating both multiple time frames and strategies, focusing on risk as the pre-eminent factor in portfolio construction, allocating capital dynamically to deliver alpha and achieving superior risk-adjusted absolute returns throughout all types of market environments.

Our Investment Process

Liquidity risk screening from an investible universe of over 11,000 securities


Application of the quantitative strategies over the market indices, and a refined universe of approximately 500 securities


Setting the risk target within the risk budget permitted both at the security level and the overall portfolio


Position sizing proportional to the magnitude of expected risk-adjusted returns with some being scaled-up while others are scaled-down


Identification of securities with the best expected return, based on our unique robustness and objective ranking methodology


Dynamic allocation of capital to each strategy to achieve smoother equity volatility and returns


Final portfolio construction holding up to 60 diversified securities globally at any one time


"Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy."

— Rudy Giuliani

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

— Benjamin Franklin

"A master looks at every move he would like to make, especially the impossible ones."

— Irving Chernev

Our People

Our Greatest Asset

The team at Eminence Capital Management is well-credentialed with over 100 years of combined experience in the financial markets,
working for some of the world's largest institutions. It is further supported by our dedicated research and development department.

  • Paul Masi

    Advisory Board

    Paul brings over 30 years of executive management experience with global investment banks including Head of Equity and Equity Trading Merrill Lynch Asia Pacific and CEO of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Australia. Paul holds a Bachelor of Economics, completed the Accelerated Management Program at the AGSM and has sat on various Australian Stock Exchange committees.

  • Dr. Walid El-Khoury

    Advisory Board

    Walid brings over 10 years of risk management experience in the banking industry from a variety of roles including portfolio credit risk management, capital allocation, structured credit and counterparty credit risk. Walid holds a Doctorate in Astrophysics and a Bachelor of Science.

  • Peter Semaan

    Portfolio Manager

    Peter brings over 14 years of experience in the capital markets, working with Australian and international financial institutions. He has been managing portfolios for Family Offices and HNWI, as well as advising local and international institutional investors. Peter holds a number of industry and tertiary qualifications, including a Masters in Business, majoring in Finance and Management, and a Responsible Manager of an Australian Financial Services Licence.

  • Don Wiggins

    Compliance Board

    Don brings over 35 years of national management experience with MLC and Perpetual Trustees. Don is an Associate of the Australasian Compliance Institute, a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia and a Certified Practicing Accountant and Chartered Secretary.

  • Robert McWilliam

    Compliance Board

    Robert brings over 20 years of funds management experience having held senior positions at Dexus, HSBC and Global Asset Management. He is responsible for reviewing, amending and executing compliance policy and operational protocols for several companies.

How To Invest

  • Managed Accounts
  • Benefits of Managed Accounts
  • All capital is managed on an individual account basis. The on-boarding process includes:

    a) Mandate Formation
    A mandate is established where investors set their volatility targets and exposure limits to Australian and international equities.

    b) Custody Arrangement
    A custodial account is established with one of our partner global investment banks for the safe-keeping and administration of the assets.

    c) Online Reporting
    An online login is created for constant access to comprehensive reporting including portfolio holdings, transaction fees and valuations in multiple currencies.

    The minimum account size is $1,000,000

  • Managed accounts provide investors with many more benefits and advantages than traditional unitised structures. Some of these advantages include:

    • Direct beneficial ownership including dividends, franking credits, potential tax concessions and participation in institutional share offerings
    • The investment mandate can be customised to suit the particular investment objectives of the investor, including levels of risk and return.
    • There is no embedded tax liability within the structure and investors do not realise tax consequences as others enter or leave.
    • Investors can import an existing portfolio or terminate the agreement without liquidating the positions and incurring tax events.
    • Full transparency allows assessment of transactions, holdings, fees and expenses, and sources of return.
    • Cost effectiveness with access to wholesale execution rates and management fees which may be tax deductible.

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